Solving business problems

Our True Passion.

Return on time invested is our mantra. We can’t stand seeing people waste time copying and pasting data, double handling data and manually doing tasks that could be automated or streamlined. We help our clients save time and money, and increase their revenue. We help them do more with less.

We do this through two main methods. The first is through custom-built workflows using the cloud-based tools they already use. We have saved our clients millions of minutes (or 700 days) by automating their time-consuming tasks, letting their front line staff focus on higher value tasks.

The second way we do this is through the development of niche software to solve specific industry problems. We partner with developers, product manager and industry experts to develop a solution for your problem, spinning it out into a startup to serve the needs of many. Our clients get a solution to their problem, without having to project manage or pay hourly rates for development teams. Using this method we reduced a task that took one staff member 4 hours a week into a 30-second task. Saving them more than $10,000 per year in time and thousands of dollars in potential incorrect data entry.



One of 15 global Zapier experts

Zapier Certified Expert.

The Zapier Certified Experts program is an acknowledgement of mastery in Zapier. It requires the expert to have mastered all the Zapier internal apps, and prove that they are able to build advanced workflows, working with multiple cloud-based apps.

That Startup Company was the first in the ASEAN region and is only one of 15 globally to have received this.

A new kind of studio

A Startup Studio.

That Startup Company also builds products internally that are spun-out. We are not an agency, we do not build bespoke software for a single client.


We do this by working with companies who have a problem that needs solving.  There is no development cost to the company and we put together a team to develop a solution. All we ask is that you agree to pay for access to the solution that we co-create with you.

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