About a month ago That Startup Company became the first Zapier Certified Expert in Asia-Pacific. This was brought on due to having helped clients save millions of minutes through using Zapier. Not only are we the first and the only Zapier Certified Expert in the Asia-Pacific region but we are one of about 20 worldwide.


I have used Zapier for several years but only recently started doing consulting work. During the time of using Zapier I have connected hundreds of tools and build several hundred workflows that do:

  1. Deliver fully qualified and timely leads through sales automation
  2. B2C inbound sales automation
  3. B2B inbound/outbound sales automation
  4. Automated invoice creation for consultants & eCommerce stores
  5. Streamlined timesheet entry from other cloud-based management tools
  6. Know Your Customer forms using text messages
  7. Creating one source of truth for data (4-way sync)
  8. Automated document creation

This doesn’t include the 30+ prototypes that I have built without code just using off the shelf tools, some fairly advanced and some very very simple. I just wanted to thank the 1,500+ people who have listened to my MVP and Prototyping workshop, and from July – September this year I presented it 6 times to over 400 people. Without helping others build their prototypes and asking me questions I do not think I would have been able to become a Zapier Certified Expert.

Thank you.

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